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A modern estate in the real Hame region

Rental cottages by the lake at Orivesi

Rekola Estate is the right place for countryside travellers! The rental cottages located in Orivesi are highly equipped, and versatile activities make sure that both adults and children have a good time. Come enjoy rural Finland!

Rent a cottage for your needs

We rent four cottages of different sizes in rural surroundings in the Hame region, by the lakeside. Whether you are looking for a small cottage for the weekend or larger premises for your company’s working capacity days, take a look at our selection!

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The size of our modern estate is approximately 300 hectares, and it is surrounded by forest and fields. The versatile environment enables different activities.

The farm animals on our estate will also entertain both adults and children. Our farm has highlanders, a cat and a dog, among others.

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Our estate is located near the former Hämeenlinna-Jyväskylä postal road, so it is easy to get here from any part of Finland. Take a look at the driving instructions!

If you wish to enjoy a genuine countryside atmosphere, visit us. Welcome!

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